Our Promise is Trust.

Have you ever asked yourself if there is a better way to feel better? We have!

Welcome to 1935

As a family, we got tired of hearing the same old drug store solutions to help with our every day aches and pains, lack of sleep, and even stress. We knew there had to be a natural way. So we did what we knew best – we strapped on our work boots, picked up a hoe and planted our first field of industrial hemp for CBD right here on our farm.

As one of the first licensed producers of this incredible plant we learned everything we could about how to grow the best, most pure hemp around. Seeing the power of this plant we knew we had to share it with everyone we could. With that 1935 was born. A business founded on the idea that when YOU live your best life, YOU help others live theirs!

Our Difference

Why 1935?

In a chaotic world our mission is to bring the honesty and simple goodness of the family farm to you through CBD products you can trust. 1935 was the year our great great grandfather starting farming the rich land of Northern Illinois.

Over 6 generations have called this place home and our products stand on a legacy of hard work, faith, and stewardship.

We aren’t marketers or salesmen…we are farmers…focused on making the best natural products possible. Our family believes in the power and promise of true farm-to-table wellness.  


Every single plant is sustainably grown and naturally farmed. We do everything by hand – Old School Farming! From the first small seed to the final seal on our products we maintain an unbroken chain of custody ensuring the highest level of quality, potency, and purity at every step. And to keep us honest everything is third party lab tested. You can rest assured that 1935 products are free of pesticides, heavy metals and are GMO free.

We do all of this because we care about you and know that trust is hard earned. That is why no matter what we will always do what’s right.

If there is anything we have learned after nearly a century working in these fields, is that when integrity, hard work and a faith in God are at the core, blessings are right around the corner.

Welcome to our 1935 family. We are honored to walk alongside you on your journey to living your best life!