Overdose for Pets?

Overdose for Pets

What Happens When I Give My Dog Too Much CBD?

Can a dog die from too much CBD oil? Can my dog overdose on CBD?

Grave, morbid questions, but they are necessary when beginning any new supplemental routine for our companion animals. Luckily, when administering CBD, not much is likely to happen if you give your dog “too much” cannabidiol.

CBD Dog Overdose Potential

In a peer-reviewed study, dogs were intentionally overdosed regularly to observe the effects of CBD in this amount. When compared to the group with less cannabidiol per dose, there were no detrimental changes. There are no scientific observances of consistent side effects with CBD. Every substance does have a lethal dose, but some of these are so astronomical that they are not approachable. It took monstrous ratios of CBD: kg to create a detrimental effect on mice, and it would break the bank to purchase this much cannabidiol for a dog. Even if you did store that much cannabidiol in the house, it would be impossible to feed it to your pet in one sitting.

Can CBD Kill A Dog?

CBD itself will not kill a dog in doses anywhere near the standard therapeutic dosages. Of course, if your dog is on other medications, or if they have a disorder that prevents them from metabolizing drugs properly, then they should only be taking cannabidiol under veterinary supervision. Always share your decision to begin your pets CBD regimen with trained animal specialists.

The term CBD is currently being used, not just to describe cannabidiol itself, but to refer to any product that features cannabidiol. These products can have a wide range of ingredients, some of which may be harmful to your pets. When giving your animals cannabidiol products, be sure to double-check the ingredients and get your vet to look over the details. It is crucial to track down lab-test results as well, to ensure the purity and potency of your chosen product.

If signs of an overdose do occur, then contact an emergency facility at once. This overdose will be due to other ingredients in the product that do not agree with your pet. Ingesting cannabis with THC is different from ingesting CBD. THC in large doses can cause dizziness, poor appetite, anxiety, and more. Cannabidiol consumption will not lead to these side effects.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

Full spectrum cannabidiol is packed with other vital hemp nutrients such as CBC, CBG, various terpenes, and other hemp compounds. These full-spectrum products are equally pure in terms of cleanliness, and efficiency, they just supply a different spectrum of attributes.

Full-spectrum products are right for dogs. Valid full-spectrum products will not have THC, but it never hurts to investigate, ask questions, and check customer reviews for the items in question. Rest assured that all varieties of cannabidiol will nurture your pets in an all-natural and optimal way.

CBD Side Effects For Dogs

Scientific research has not yet identified side effects for dogs taking cannabidiol. You may find websites reporting dry mouth, low blood pressure, and dizziness, but these are more often reported in cases of THC consumption. Humans have subjectively reported these same symptoms, but peer-reviewed studies have not proven them. These experiences are being caused by other ingredients in the cannabidiol products, not the CBD itself.

If you do notice any troublesome side effects, stop giving your dog the CBD product at once. If the side effects include diarrhea, occasional vomiting, and laziness, then we recommend calling your vet as soon as you can for more information. If the dog is getting sick, unresponsive, or is showing signs of pain, then contact an emergency facility immediately. These are not symptoms of cannabidiol overdose, but a dangerous reaction to other ingredients in the formula.

Less CBD Is More

Dogs have a considerable amount of cannabinoid related receptors in their bodies. This concentration of CB receptors shows that dogs can efficiently respond to doses as low as 1-2mg. While dogs are not likely to have an adverse reaction to more significant amounts of CBD, it is a great idea to start low and find a satisfying dose. You can achieve quite a bit by incrementally increasing the cannabidiol dose.

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