CBD Tumors

U.K. researchers observe shrinking tumors following CBD treatment.

To date, research has shown that cannabinoids exhibit anti-tumoral effecting multiple in-vitro studies. But, how it works has continued to be a subject in need of adequate study and human trials.

A recent study endeavored to find out how cancer patients responded to CBD administration. Published in Anticancer Research (2018), the research shows data from 119 cancer patients taking synthetic CBD over four years. And the results were astonishing!

An overwhelming ninety-two percent of 119 patients treated with CBD showed either a reduction in tumor size or an overall reduction in tumor cells. To add to these impressive results, there were no side effects from the consumption of CBD.

These findings support further research into the possibility of breast cancer and other tumor treatments with CBD.

How CBD Works for Tumor Treatment

A study in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (2011) showed how CBD may lead to a reduction in tumor growth. Using mouse models of breast cancer, researchers discovered that CBD reduces Id-1 gene expression. The ld-1gene is a pro-metastatic gene that is an aggressiveness marker in breast cancer. By turning off this gene, CBD promotes a down-regulating effect. This in turn reduces cancer aggressiveness.

Other studies have found that cannabinoids may block angiogenesis. This is accomplished by reducing the expression of the ligand and its receptors in the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) pathway. Thus, tumors are unable to continue to grow and produce new blood vessels.

Not only does CBD show the potential to stop tumor growth, it’s also noted as being low in toxicity. This means it could be ideal for combination with other cancer treatments and pharmaceuticals. Anecdotal reports have also claimed that CBD effectively reduced tumors in cancer patients.

CBD Isn’t the Only Cancer Fighting Cannabis Compound

Along with cannabinoids, scientists have also discovered that terpenes and flavonoids have the potential for successful tumor treatment. For instance, myrcene has shown promising anti-metastatic activity. Linalool promotes cancer cell death. Flavonoids might inhibit proliferation, inflammation, invasion, and metastasis of cancer cells.

By shutting down the process of metastasis, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present a potential tumor treatment that is non-toxic and plant-based.

BE CAREFUL and only take naturally farmed, non-GMO, and third-party tested CBD. If you do not know where your CBD comes from (who farmed it), you really cannot trust it. 1935cbd is farmed by our family (same farm since 1935), by hand, and processed into final products by a USA Veteran owned, GMP facility in Illinois.

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