Where to Buy CBD

Did you know that CBD was discovered in Illinois? In 1940, American scientist Roger Adams isolated the non-intoxicating compound of cannabis, shedding the first light on its potential therapeutic properties.

Our Illinois farm was established in 1935 (get it? www.1935cbd.com ) Industrial Hemp was initially grown on our land for rope during the war.

Everything changed when the 2018 Farm Bill went into force. As one of the first licensed producers of this incredible plant in Illinois, we learned everything we could about how to grow the best, most pure hemp around. Seeing the power of this plant we knew we had to share it with everyone we could. With that 1935 was born. A business founded on the idea that when YOU live your best life, YOU help others live theirs!

At 1935 CBD, we use organic farming techniques and grow our plants without herbicides, pesticides, and other unwanted chemicals.

In addition to our best-selling full-spectrum 1935 CBD oil and capsules, we offer gummies and broad-spectrum topicals for localized pain relief. Our products are personally crafted for better Sleep, more Relief, and overall wellness. We have Healthy Pet CBD products, Raw, Organic CBD infused Honey, and perfectly infused chocolate treats! We process our products in a GMP facility run by our USA Veteran partners in Illinois as well.

We regularly test each batch of our extracts in a third-party laboratory to confirm their potency and purity levels.

If you’ve already tried CBD from other brands and none of them worked, 1935 CBD will change that.

We aren’t marketers or salesmen…we are farmers…focused on making the best natural products possible. Our family believes in the power and promise of true farm-to-table wellness.

Buy 1935 CBD at www.1935cbd.com

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