CBN and CBD For Sleep

CBN and CBD for Sleep

If you haven’t heard about cannabinol — also known as CBN — then you will soon. One of more than 100 cannabinoids identified in cannabis, CBN has been known for quite a while, but it’s recently getting a lot of attention for its possible sleep-inducing properties.


Those seeking medical, sleep, and mood benefits from cannabis without the intoxication may find that high levels of CBN are exactly the ticket. The earliest research on CBN, way back in 1975, found that it seemed to increase sedative effects. 

Did you know that more than a third of Americans suffer from insufficient sleep? And this isn’t a new problem.. rewind to 2014 when the CDC officially declared sleep deprivation a national epidemic.

Sleep = time for the body to repair itself. Without it, things go downhill quickly! Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and various other health issues. 

When sleep is not happening naturally, how can we help ourselves?

This is a question we set out to answer with our locally curated 1935 Sleep Capsules, Oil, and Gummies. How can we create a plant-based product that doesn’t disrupt our circadian rhythm or leave us feeling groggy the morning after?

The answer: is CBN. CBN is a compound found in the hemp plant and research shows that it is an incredibly effective sleep aid when combined with CBD.

CBN gets the gold star because it doesn’t mess with the serotonin receptors that create melatonin in your body and it is non-psychoactive. Fewer side effects, and more natural sleep. And like other cannabinoids, CBN is anti-inflammatory just like CBD helping your body heal as you rest. It’s a win/win situation.

If you are struggling to get your zzzs or looking to kick the OTC pill-popping habit, giving CBN a go in our meretriciously curated 1935 Sleep Capsules, Oil and Gummies is the perfect way to test its power.

Steep Hill Labs did a study where the results showed that 5 – 10 mg of CBN is equivalent to taking a pharmaceutical sedative (Valium) and that the effects were furthered with the addition of CBD.  Our 1935 Sleep Capsules, Oil, and Gummies are the perfect amount to have you ready to SLEEP by the time you hit the sheets.

*As always, we recommend doing your research before taking our products. Especially if you are taking prescription medications, we recommend consulting with a doctor before trying new herbs. 

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