Dogs and 4th of July

Why You Need to Prepare Your Dog for the 4th of July?

Many dog owners are already aware that the 4th of July is a scary time for dogs all over. The loud noises and constant sounds of fireworks can be very scary and cause your dog a great deal of distress.

Not only are these fireworks scary, but many dogs tend to run away and get lost on the 4th of July. Either their owners are not watching them closely enough, or they bolt out the door before you have the chance to catch them.

his is every dog owner’s worst nightmare, so it is important to do everything that you can to keep your dog safe during this time.

Use Calming Products

If your dog tends to get nervous during the 4th of July fireworks, this is a great time to use calming products for your dog.

CBD products are especially useful as they are usually formulated to keep your dog calm. CBD has a calming effect on the nerves in the brain and can help to lessen the anxiety that your dog feels.

The best thing is that these CBD products are very accessible for dog owners and will not knock your dog out as many anxiety medications do. They also come in many different forms, such as 1935 Healthy Dog CBD Drops or Healthy Pet CBD Peanut Butter.

Get a Calming Vest

A calming vest is another great option and has been shown to improve anxiety and stress in dogs. This vest works by applying pressure to your dog, helping to slow their heartbeat and calm anxiety.

Play With Your Dog

One great way to help your dog release some anxious tension and energy is to take them outside to play. This is the best way to get their energy out and get them tired so that they will be more relaxed later on.

Playtime should be done before you start to hear any fireworks, as you don’t want your dog outside with the loud noises. This is also a great time to get your dog to go potty so that they won’t need to go outside later.

Create a Safe Space

Before the fireworks start, you should get a safe space all set up for your dog. This will look different depending on what your dog likes and what makes them feel safe.

You may want to create a blanket tent on the ground or pile your bed with fluffy pillows. If they are extremely anxious, you may need to prepare an enclosed space where they can feel secure and safe.

Have Cuddle Time

When the fireworks begin, this is a great time to have some special cuddle time with your dog. This will comfort them and get their mind off all of the scary noises around them.

You should also try to stay calm as your dog will feed off your energy if you are also nervous. You want to remain calm and comforting to show them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

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