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    Full Spectrum CBD Calm Gummies


    Our 1935 CBD Gummies give you a flavorful blast of wellness-boosting CBD. Our gummies are formulated and crafted just for you.

    Full Spectrum CBD CBN Sleep Gummies


    1935 CBD/CBN Sleep Gummies, your trusted companion on the journey to tranquil nights and revitalized mornings. Crafted with care, this exceptional formula blends the power of two remarkable cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN), to usher in the perfect night’s sleep. Bid farewell to tension, melt away stress, and embrace a gentle, natural path to restfulness.

    Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate Hearts


    Surprise your valentine or indulge yourself with these great-tasting strawberry flavored chocolate hearts, 12 to a box.

    Full Spectrum CBD Relief Gummies


    Our 1935 Pain Relief CBD Gummies are your natural remedy for a pain-free life, tailored for use day or night. Crafted with care, we harness the power of our locally grown full-spectrum CBD, enriched with the natural goodness of beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper). We don’t compromise on quality because we believe in putting your well-being first.

    Northwoods CBD Honey


    Two simple ingredients: Raw organic honey and all-natural premium CBD. Combined, you have our irresistible Northwoods CBD Honey – let’s be honest it doesn’t get much better! This is a natural sweetener enriched with full-spectrum, non-GMO hemp extract, offering a delicious treat with a myriad of health benefits absolutely no high!