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    Relief Oil | CBD Full Spectrum


    Unlock natural relief with our 1935 Premium CBD Full Spectrum Relief Oil, crafted with full-spectrum CBD and beta-caryophyllene for soothing support throughout your day.

    Calm Oil | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience the tranquility of 1935 Premium Full Spectrum CBD Calm Oil, expertly crafted to enhance your daily wellness with a fast-acting, trusted formula from our Illinois family farm, ensuring purity and relaxation without the high.

    Sleep Oil | CBN and CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience transformative rest with 1935 Premium CBD/CBN Sleep Oil, expertly blending CBD and CBN for natural sleep support, crafted with the highest quality standards from our Illinois family farm.

    Relief Gummies | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience natural comfort with our 1935 CBD Relief Gummies, crafted with Full Spectrum CBD and beta-caryophyllene from locally grown hemp for effective support and wellness.

    Icy Cream | CBD Full Spectrum


    Discover cooling comfort with our Full Spectrum Icy CBD Cream, a top-rated, clinical strength CBD cream that provides a refreshing, cooling sensation, ideal for athletes and everyday use.


    Healthy Pet Drops | CBD Full Spectrum


    Enhance your pet’s daily wellness with 1935 Healthy Pet CBD Drops, made with full-spectrum CBD oil from non-GMO hemp grown on our family farm in Illinois. Easy to administer and perfect for daily use, these drops ensure quality and purity for the health and happiness of your dogs and cats.

    Sleep Gummies | CBN and CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience rejuvenating sleep with our 1935 CBD Sleep Gummies, uniquely formulated with CBD and CBN to promote a restful night without the hangover effect of traditional sleep aids.

    Icy Roll-On | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience instant refreshment with our Full Spectrum Icy CBD Roll-On, a top-selling, clinical strength formula designed to deliver a cooling sensation and soothing relief, perfect for athletes and daily use.

    Calm Gummies | CBD Full Spectrum


    Discover the natural relaxation of 1935 Full Spectrum CBD Calm Gummies, crafted with Illinois-grown hemp for a delicious, soothing experience perfect for enhancing your daily wellness routine.

    Chocolate Hearts | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience the indulgent blend of luxury and wellness with 1935 Chocolate Hearts, featuring rich dark chocolate infused with full-spectrum CBD for enhanced calm and health benefits.

    Collagen Cream | with CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience the rejuvenating power of 1935 CBD Collagen Cream, expertly formulated to enhance skin texture and hydration for a youthful, radiant glow, made with the finest CBD from our Illinois family farm.

    Healthy Pet Peanut Butter with CBD


    Discover 1935 Healthy Pet CBD Peanut Butter, the top-rated treat for dogs and cats that combines all-natural ingredients with premium CBD from our Illinois family farm. Perfect for pets of all sizes, this delicious peanut butter is a great way to enrich your furry friend’s diet with a wholesome snack.

    Relief Capsules | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience targeted relief with 1935 CBD Full Spectrum Relief Capsules, featuring premium, Illinois-grown full-spectrum CBD enriched with beta-caryophyllene to support daily comfort and well-being.

    Icy Stick | CBD Full Spectrum


    Discover quick relief with the Full Spectrum Icy CBD Stick, a convenient, cooling solution crafted from Illinois-grown, all-natural hemp, perfect for soothing support on the go.

    Sleep Capsules | CBN and CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience deep, restorative sleep with 1935 CBD Full Spectrum CBN Sleep Capsules, blending CBD and CBN to naturally enhance your nighttime routine and promote tranquil rest.

    Northwoods Honey with 1935 CBD


    Indulge in the natural luxury of 1935 CBD Raw Organic Northwoods Honey, a deliciously potent blend of purity and wellness, perfect for enhancing your health and sweetening your day.

    Aloe Gel | Soothing with CBD


    Refresh and soothe your skin with 1935 Premium CBD Aloe Gel, blending the natural hydration of Aloe Vera with the benefits of Illinois-grown hemp for a cooling daily skincare experience, especially beneficial after sun exposure. Great for eye bags too!

    THC Free Calm Oil


    Experience peace of mind with 1935 Premium THC Free CBD Oil, crafted from Illinois-grown hemp, perfect for those seeking a THC-free CBD option in their daily wellness routine.


    Renew Scrub with CBD


    Experience the luxurious 1935 CBD Renew Scrub, a premium all-natural sugar scrub designed to gently exfoliate and deeply nourish your skin, leaving it radiant and smooth.

    Epson Salt with CBD


    Transform your bath routine with 1935 CBD Epsom Salt Soak, a premium blend that soothes, detoxifies, and rejuvenates your skin with the natural benefits of magnesium-rich Epsom salts and full-spectrum CBD.

    Body Butter | Rejuvenating with CBD


    Transform your skincare with 1935 CBD Body Butter – Rejuvenating, an ultra-rich formula designed to deeply moisturize and soothe with natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, crafted from 100% naturally farmed, Illinois-grown hemp. Perfect for enhancing skin hydration and appearance.

    Hydrating Charcoal Mask


    Discover radiant skin with 1935 CBD Hydrating Charcoal Mask, an exquisite blend of activated charcoal and full-spectrum CBD that deeply cleanses, hydrates, and rejuvenates, leaving your skin supple and glowing with health.


    Goat Milk Soap | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience the soothing luxury of 1935 CBD Goat Milk Body Soap, expertly blending rich goat milk with full-spectrum CBD for a gentle, moisturizing cleanse that rejuvenates and nourishes all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

    Vitamin C Revitalizing Serum


    Elevate your skincare with 1935 CBD Vitamin C Revitalizing Serum, combining high-quality Vitamin C and full-spectrum CBD to enhance your complexion’s radiance, firmness, and overall health, for a visibly brighter and smoother skin.

    Daytime Hydrating Cream


    Start your day with 1935 CBD Daytime Hydrating Cream, a luxuriously formulated moisturizer designed to nourish, hydrate, and enhance your complexion’s natural radiance with full-spectrum CBD and essential hydrating ingredients.


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