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    Calm Oil | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience the tranquility of 1935 Premium Full Spectrum CBD Calm Oil, expertly crafted to enhance your daily wellness with a fast-acting, trusted formula from our Illinois family farm, ensuring purity and relaxation without the high.

    Calm Gummies | CBD Full Spectrum


    Discover the natural relaxation of 1935 Full Spectrum CBD Calm Gummies, crafted with Illinois-grown hemp for a delicious, soothing experience perfect for enhancing your daily wellness routine.

    Chocolate Hearts | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience the indulgent blend of luxury and wellness with 1935 Chocolate Hearts, featuring rich dark chocolate infused with full-spectrum CBD for enhanced calm and health benefits.

    Northwoods Honey with 1935 CBD


    Indulge in the natural luxury of 1935 CBD Raw Organic Northwoods Honey, a deliciously potent blend of purity and wellness, perfect for enhancing your health and sweetening your day.

    THC Free Calm Oil


    Experience peace of mind with 1935 Premium THC Free CBD Oil, crafted from Illinois-grown hemp, perfect for those seeking a THC-free CBD option in their daily wellness routine.


    Epson Salt with CBD


    Transform your bath routine with 1935 CBD Epsom Salt Soak, a premium blend that soothes, detoxifies, and rejuvenates your skin with the natural benefits of magnesium-rich Epsom salts and full-spectrum CBD.

    Calm Capsules | CBD Full Spectrum


    Experience calm on the go with 1935 CBD Full Spectrum Calm Capsules, offering easy-to-swallow, consistent CBD dosing from all-natural, Illinois-grown hemp. Perfect for daily wellness support.

    Serenity Fizz with CBD


    Relax deeply with our 1935 CBD Serenity Fizz – Calming Soak, blending Full Spectrum CBD, Dead Sea salt, and lavender oil for a luxurious, stress-relieving bath experience.