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  • Acne Soap – CBD Full Spectrum


    1935 CBD Full Spectrum Acne Soap is a natural remedy for acne. Our soap minimizes acne; promotes collagen production. 1935 Full Spectrum CBD Acne Soap is a plant-powered oil that helps calm and relieve fatigued, sensitive skin.

    Aloe Gel – Soothing Relief with CBD


    A simple blend of nature’s best hydrating & anti-inflammatory medicinal plant extracts, our Premium CBD Aloe Vera enriches your skin with antioxidants, healing enzymes, and nourishing vitamin A & C. You can now experience true Beauty Biotechnology. Unlocking power of Plants. Science + Beauty.

    Body Butter – Rejuvenating with CBD


    Moisturize, soothe, and heal your skin with our luxurious 1935 CBD Body Butter. This product is an ultra-rich Body Butter for dry, dehydrated skin.  1935 CBD Body Butter promotes tranquility to stressed-out skin.

    Calm Capsules – CBD Full Spectrum


    Get all the benefits of CBD in a convenient capsule form! Best rated 1935cbd Full Spectrum Capsules are precisely measured and easy to swallow. Excellent option for at home or on the road! TRY NOW 1935cbd Full Spectrum Capsules.

    Calm Gummies – CBD Full Spectrum


    Our 1935 CBD Gummies give you a flavorful blast of wellness-boosting CBD. Our gummies are formulated and crafted just for you.

    Calm Oil – CBD Full Spectrum


    We do not settle for mediocrity and refuse to cut corners in the production of our Premium CBD Full Spectrum Oil. The goal has always been quality over quantity. This is the philosophy our brand was built on. We are meticulous in our process — our hemp comes fresh from our family hemp farm in Illinois, our extracts are derived using small-batch supercritical extraction and we test everything three times.

    Chocolate Hearts – CBD Full Spectrum


    Surprise your valentine or indulge yourself with these great-tasting strawberry flavored chocolate hearts, 12 to a box.

    Collagen Cream – Anti Aging with CBD Full Spectrum


    1935 CBD COLLAGEN CREAM AND MOISTURIZER is the creamy, dreamy moisturizer you have been waiting for. Why? This rich cream is silky smooth and light in texture and is designed to visibly calm the skin while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling soothed, hydrated, firm, and with that glass skin look that we adore.

    Epson Salt – Refreshingly Pure with CBD


    Our commitment to quality is unwavering, which is why we subject our Full-Spectrum CBD Epsom Bath Salt Soak to rigorous 3rd-party testing. Each bottle is enriched with the essence of Eucalyptus essential oils, serving as a delightful form of aromatherapy that paves the way for deep relaxation, pain relief, and comprehensive body recovery.

    Goat Milk Soap – CBD Full Spectrum


    Bring instant Zen to your bath or shower with this natural, 1935 CBD Goat Milk Body Soap. We blended our famous goat milk with a high dose of our 100% naturally farmed full-spectrum CBD oil for a calming cleanse that is perfect for sensitive skin.

    Healthy Pet Drops – CBD Full Spectrum


    Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Holistic, Inflammation, Skin Allergies, Seizures, Relief, Joint Hip, Sleep, Calming are only a few words to help you understand the value of 1935 Health Dog CBD Drops for your furry friends.

    Healthy Pet Peanut Butter with CBD


    Does your dog or cat love peanut butter? Does your dog or cat have anxiety, pain, inflammation, or other health issues? If so, you have come to the right place! CBD peanut butter is a great way to give your furry friend their favorite treat with some extra potential health benefits.

    Honey Soap – CBD Full Sprectrum


    1935 Premium CBD Honey Bath Soap is luxurious cleansing body CBD bar soap that combines antibacterial & antimicrobial properties of our high-quality hemp and honey.