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  • Calm Oil | CBD Full Spectrum


    Explore the potential of natural wellness with CBD Calm Oil, crafted to help you find moments of tranquility and ease.

    Relief Oil | CBD Full Spectrum


    Our 1935 Pain Relief CBD Oil is your natural remedy for a pain-free life, tailored for use day or night.

    Sleep Oil | CBN and CBD Full Spectrum


    CBD and CBN form a dynamic duo that leads to rejuvenating sleep. The benefits include deeper slumber, fewer nighttime disruptions, and an overall sense of well-being.

    Icy Relief Cream | CBD Full Spectrum


    The soothing effects of CBD can work wonders on backaches, elbow and knee pain in the body, and the skin itself.

    Relief Gummies | CBD Full Spectrum


    Relief CBD Gummies are your natural remedy for a pain-free life, tailored for use day or night.

    Healthy Pet Drops | CBD Full Spectrum


    Buy Now to Optimize your Pet’s health with the Best CBD for Dogs and Cats

    Sleep Gummies | CBN and CBD Full Spectrum


    Sleep Gummies, your trusted companion on the journey to tranquil nights and revitalized mornings.

    Calm Gummies | CBD Full Spectrum


    1935 CBD Gummies are a convenient way to get a daily wellness blast of CBD

    Icy Relief Roll-On | CBD Full Spectrum


    Icy Pain Relief Roll-On is the secret weapon of clinical professionals and athletes providing pain relief for sore muscles and joints.

    Chocolate Hearts | CBD Full Spectrum


    Indulge yourself with these great-tasting strawberry-flavored chocolate hearts, 12 to a box.

    Healthy Pet Peanut Butter with CBD


    CBD peanut butter is a great way to give your furry friend their favorite treat with some extra potential health benefits.

    Collagen Cream | Anti Aging with CBD Full Spectrum


    CBD Collagen Cream and Moisturizer is for radiance and youthfulness on demand. It is packed with active ingredients that hydrate your skin and combat visible signs of aging.

    Icy Relief Stick | CBD Full Spectrum


    Made for active lifestyles, this solid stick gives you convenient, temporary arthritis pain relief on-the-go.

    Relief Capsules | CBD Full Spectrum


    Is pain becoming an unwelcome companion in your daily life, Pain Relief CBD Capsule is your natural remedy for a pain-free life, tailored for use day or night.

    Northwoods Honey with 1935 CBD


    Two simple ingredients: Raw organic honey and all-natural premium CBD. Combined, you have our irresistible Northwoods CBD Honey – let’s be honest it doesn’t get much better!

    THC Free Calm Oil


    THC Free | Best CBD Oil for Anxiety – Fast Acting, Mood Boosting Wellness

    Sleep Capsules | CBN and CBD Full Spectrum


    Are you tired of pain or anxiety stealing your peaceful slumber?

    Aloe Gel | Soothing Relief with CBD



    Renew Scrub | Glowing Results with CBD


    Our 1935 CBD Renew Scrub is a true skincare indulgence, designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin.

    Body Butter | Rejuvenating with CBD


    Moisturize, soothe, and heal your skin with our luxurious CBD Body Butter. This product is an ultra-rich Body Butter for dry, dehydrated skin

    Goat Milk Soap | CBD Full Spectrum


    Goat’s milk soap is good for everyday use to moisturize and condition your skin.

    Epson Salt | Refreshingly Pure with CBD


    Enjoy our Full-Spectrum CBD Epsom Bath Salt Soak – a harmonious blend meticulously crafted to deliver soothing relief and a revitalizing bathing experience.

    Calm Capsules | CBD Full Spectrum


    See why thousands of customers are talking about the latest wellness solution of CBD

    Honey Soap | CBD Full Spectrum


    1935 Premium CBD Honey Bath Soap is luxurious cleansing body CBD bar soap that combines antibacterial & antimicrobial properties of our high-quality hemp and honey.

    CBD Oil


    The Original 1935 Oil: The Foundation of Wellness: Where Our Journey Started, and Now Where Your Journey Begins….