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Relief Oil | CBD Full Spectrum


Unlock natural relief with our 1935 Premium CBD Full Spectrum Relief Oil, crafted with full-spectrum CBD and beta-caryophyllene for soothing support throughout your day.

Relief Gummies | CBD Full Spectrum


Experience natural comfort with our 1935 CBD Relief Gummies, crafted with Full Spectrum CBD and beta-caryophyllene from locally grown hemp for effective support and wellness.

Icy Cream | CBD Full Spectrum


Discover cooling comfort with our Full Spectrum Icy CBD Cream, a top-rated, clinical strength CBD cream that provides a refreshing, cooling sensation, ideal for athletes and everyday use.


Icy Roll-On | CBD Full Spectrum


Experience instant refreshment with our Full Spectrum Icy CBD Roll-On, a top-selling, clinical strength formula designed to deliver a cooling sensation and soothing relief, perfect for athletes and daily use.

Relief Capsules | CBD Full Spectrum


Experience targeted relief with 1935 CBD Full Spectrum Relief Capsules, featuring premium, Illinois-grown full-spectrum CBD enriched with beta-caryophyllene to support daily comfort and well-being.

Icy Stick | CBD Full Spectrum


Discover quick relief with the Full Spectrum Icy CBD Stick, a convenient, cooling solution crafted from Illinois-grown, all-natural hemp, perfect for soothing support on the go.

Relief in a Bundle


Experience total comfort and revitalization with the “Relief in a Bundle” from 1935 CBD, a curated selection of full-spectrum CBD products designed to soothe, moisturize, and relieve, delivering natural wellness benefits directly from our sustainable Illinois farm.