Serenity Fizz with CBD


Relax deeply with our 1935 CBD Serenity Fizz – Calming Soak, blending Full Spectrum CBD, Dead Sea salt, and lavender oil for a luxurious, stress-relieving bath experience.

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CBD Serenity Fizz – Calming Soak

Discover the soothing embrace of our Full Spectrum CBD Serenity Fizz – Calming Soak, designed for a luxurious bath or foot soak. This premium bath soak combines the peaceful qualities of Dead Sea salt, the enriching benefits of 1935 CBD, and the calming scent of lavender oil, creating the perfect setting for relaxation in the comfort of your own home.



  • Baking Soda
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Jojoba Oil
  • SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate)
  • 750 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Vitamin E
  • Therapeutic Clay
  • Lavender Essential Oil


Why Choose 1935 CBD Serenity Fizz? Our Serenity Fizz is more than just a bath salt. It’s a carefully crafted blend that offers a richer experience with each soak, providing a comforting aroma and a luxurious feel. The unique combination of ingredients works to create a truly tranquil bath time, allowing you to unwind and refresh your senses.


Experience Tranquility: Transform your bathtub into a serene escape with the unique mineral content of Dead Sea salt, known for its skin health benefits. The added Full Spectrum CBD enriches your soak, while lavender oil fills the air with a soothing fragrance that promises relaxation.


Versatile Use: Not just for full-body baths, our Serenity Fizz can also be enjoyed as a delightful foot soak. Perfect for ending a long day, it helps soothe and revitalize, providing a spa-like experience right at home.


Local and Sustainable: Proudly sourced from our family farm in Illinois, our CBD is cultivated to ensure the highest quality. Established in 1935, our farm is committed to sustainable practices and enhancing the community’s well-being. We serve a wide range of local areas, from Chicagoland to Malta, and take pride in our heritage and the products we offer.

Elevate your bath time with 1935 CBD Serenity Fizz – Calming Soak. Immerse yourself in the calming waters and let the stresses of the day dissolve as you enjoy a moment of peace and rejuvenation.


Weight 18 oz
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