Our Family Puppy ‘Danny’

Our “Danny” is a 14-year-old Havanese that through out the years has started moving slower and not wanting to go up stairs as much anymore. With him getting slower and slower as he ages, he has started to develop some skin issues. After bringing him to the vet, they wanted to keep giving him more and more medicine. We finally made a decision to try something different. As a family we came together to start 1935cbd to find a solution to help provide a natural product, not just for our dog but for others and for everyone’s health. That is the reason we made sure to have a pet friendly option, which is 1935 Healthy Pet CBD Drops and the Healthy Pet CBD Peanut butter

CRAZY! After giving him the peanut butter once, he can’t get enough of it. He barks at the counter demanding it almost 5 times a day.

With the CBD drops, we place it on his food twice a day, which is a subtle way give him his daily dose. Only after a few weeks, Danny has started going up the stairs and is so much happier. We can all tell there is an ‘uptick’ in his physical activity. He wants to play more and his skin condition is clearly better. We love that we have our little puppy back and can spend the days playing with him again.

I have long term pain in my back, knees, shoulders all from years of college football and extreme workouts.  Bought CBD oil from well known brands and nothing happened. I kept buying it because I was ‘hoping’ it would eventually work. I felt nothing different.

 I was happy to hear that 1935cbd was now available to the public and I bought some.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE – Day one I could tell something was different. I had to cut back on the amount I took because it worked so well.  Not sure if it just cleaner or the plants were better – but whatever it is, I am so happy I learned about 1935cbd!  What is even better is the price point.  A bottle of 1500 mg from 1935cbd is $40 less than the brand I wasted my money on.  Higher quality, more benefits at a fair price. 

I saw a difference in my dogs energy and activity level after just 3 days of using this! She’s a 100lb Rottie and is 11 years old – she actually JUMPED on my couch again this week! I’ll take all the snuggles and  mischievous behavior for as long as I can! And I’ll be ordering more of this AND the Peanut Butter too! Thank You! ❤️