Benefits of Honey

The Benefits of CBD Honey

We all grew up with honey.

Our mothers may have given it to us when we had a cold or used it to sweeten their tea. They might have served honey-glazed chicken, fish, or ham for dinner. We ate Honey Grahams Honey Nut Cheerios Honey Bunches of Oats or Bit-O-Honey candy bars. It was great to pour over pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, or a bowl of fruit and nuts. Honey has always been a part of our lives, and a honey bear has been a constant fixture on our shelves.

CBD, on the other hand, is the “flavor of the day.” Since it surged into the public consciousness out of nowhere a few years ago, we now have CBD gummies and candies, CBD bath salts, CBD lip balm, and even CBD doggie treats. And CBD stores have popped up on every other street corner.

One is a lifelong favorite and the other is the new kid on the block. What in the world could honey and CBD have in common?

In truth, quite a bit. They’re both readily available, they’re both easy to consume – and most importantly, they each provide important health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Honey

Aside from every mother’s heartfelt belief that it can calm sore throats and treat the common cold, it’s common knowledge that natural honey – particularly raw, organic honey – is good for you.

  • Honey is rich in antioxidants: Compounds in honey like polyphenols and organic acids contain as many antioxidants as many vegetables and fruits. They protect the body against free radical damage which can contribute to diseases like cancer, while also helping to lower blood pressure.
  • Honey is an antibacterial and antifungal agent: The hydrogen peroxide and phytonutrients in honey are believed to boost the body’s immunity and cancer-fighting abilities.
  • Honey is a powerful prebiotic: It supports the important “good” bacteria that live in the gut, and as an antibiotic it helps fight “bad” bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.
  • Honey is heath-healthy: Studies have shown that consuming small amounts of honey can reduce bad LDL cholesterol while raising good HDL cholesterol, while also lowering triglyceride levels and increasing blood flow to the heart.
  • Honey can suppress coughs: But your mother’s been telling you that for years.

Those are more than enough reasons to add at least a spoonful of honey, preferably Raw, Organic Northwoods Honey to your regular diet. But why stop there?

The Health Benefits of CBD

  • CBD can provide noticeable pain relief: Cannabinoid receptors interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is involved in the reduction of inflammation in the body and regulating important functions and reactions like immunity, sleep, and pain. Widely-varying types of pain caused by serious medical conditions like cancer and arthritis, and chronic medical conditions like migraine and fibromyalgia, respond positively to the introduction of CBD into the body.
  • CBD can relieve stress and anxiety: It’s an effective alternative for those who use prescription medication for depression and anxiety, in conjunction with a doctor’s advice.
  • CBD may help those with neurological diseases: Tests have been positive for the use of CBD to treat patients with diseases like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.
  • CBD is being tested, with positive initial results, for other medical issues: Research indicates that high blood pressure, heart disease, serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, diabetes, and even cancer may respond well to treatment with CBD.

The Miracle of CBD Honey

CBD honey is honey that has been infused with CBD oil. The highest-quality products combine CBD extracted from natural hemp with raw, organic honey. Northwoods Honey infused by 1935cbd is an effective quality product with full-spectrum CBD, which contains all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

That does mean there’s a tiny amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD, but not enough to create major psychoactive effects or cause legal problems.

As a healthy alternative to sugar, CBD-infused honey is perfect for use as a sweetener in tea, an ingredient in cooking or baking, a topping for bread, toast, or oatmeal, in snack form as CBD honey sticks, or straight from the jar.

Those in search of pain relief, help with anxiety or sleeping issues, or non-prescription treatments for everything from migraines to cancer, have found that CBD honey is a double-barreled solution that’s both effective and delicious.

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