Welcome to the world of 1935 CBD, where quality meets dedication.

In the wake of hemp regaining its legal status, the CBD market saw a surge in corporate players racing to streamline production for maximum profit. Unfortunately, this often came at the expense of product quality, leaving full-spectrum CBD consumers with subpar options.

Picture this: cannabinoids are to the hemp flower what orange juice is to an orange.

However, many corporate CBD brands opted for a shortcut by using the entire hemp plant, encompassing stalks, stems, and leaves – none of which contain CBD.

Why? Simply put, it’s a profit-first approach, prioritizing financial gains over delivering a quality product that truly satisfies customers.

For too long, consumers have been left with no choice but to settle for mass-produced CBD items that compromise on excellence. Well, that’s where 1935 CBD steps in. In response to this industry trend, our family established our brand with a commitment to providing the finest full-spectrum CBD.

How? By personally tending to the hemp on our Illinois farm and exclusively utilizing the hemp flowers, the true source of CBD.

We believe you deserve nothing but the best, and that’s why we go the extra mile – literally. At 1935 CBD, we grow and locally curate our products for you, ensuring a level of trustworthiness that you can count on every day, for life.

Say goodbye to compromising on quality, and welcome to a new era of CBD satisfaction with 1935 CBD – where we Grow it and Locally Curate it, just for you.

CBD You Can Trust, Every Day, For Life.

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