The importance of obtaining pure CBD continues to grow. We are working hard at making sure our final extracts are free of undesirable components such as waxes, lipids, and fats. We achieve this through a process known as winterization. After extraction, winterization is a final step that can be taken to reach further purification of the extract.

Winterization, also known as dewaxing, is a vital step in creating a high-purity extract in the cannabis industry. Winterization is the removal of the unwanted substances including, waxes, lipids, and fats of the plants in the crude extract. It is important to winterize to remove fats because the fats dilute the final concentration of cannabinoids in the final extract which lowers the purity and then affects the overall value. These fats can cause the final extract to be cloudy and less attractive, also resulting in a lower value. Removing the fats and waxes will result in a pure sample, stable viscosity, and a longer shelf life.

Winterization Steps

Step 1:

Dissolve the CBD extract in 30 to 60°C of ethanol using a 10 mL:1g (ethanol: extract) ratio. Now the extract is suspended in ethanol. The waxes, lipids, and fats have now been dissolved in the solution. These fats have a lower solubility in cold ethanol compared to warm ethanol, which is why the next step is to freeze the solution.

Step 2:

sing a chiller/freezer, and get the solution as cold as possible. Waiting at least 24 hours for the waxes to precipitate out of the solution.

Step 3:

Once this is complete, a vacuum filtration system is the final step using a vacuum pump. Once the filtration apparatus is set up, we use cold pure ethanol to pre-wet the filter paper and apply a vacuum.

Step 4:

There are now two separate products: the fats, which will look like brownish butter on top of the filter papers and a golden translucent oil. This final step is to evaporate the ethanol from the oil. Ethanol will boil off at 78.5°C atmospheric pressure. This process will purify the cannabis solution creating a higher value of the oil with the least amount of impurities.

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